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StreamShark Company Updates

It has been an incredible four years here at StreamShark. We have worked with thousands of streamers and created a team we are super proud of. More importantly, we have developed excellent relationships with many content creators out there. After some reflection on the past years, we realised that it has not been perfect. There are many areas that we wish to improve in regards to our service. We are going to be making some changes going forward that we think will make the experience of working with us more enjoyable, smoother, and efficient. These changes are also intended to allow us to create better work.

Working With Fewer Clients

During the covid crisis, we had a large spike in interest from potential customers. Probably due to the fact, everyone was at home gaming and streaming. We have tried to deal with this the best we can and work on as many projects as possible. This has taken a toll on us a little. Some staff members were forced into reduced working hours due to the effects of covid, which created an even more significant imbalance between supply and demand. After missing some deadlines and getting overloaded with projects, we realised that we were also not enjoying our work as much as usual. In order to remedy this, we will have to cut back on the amount of orders we take on. 

How will we go about narrowing down the amount of clients we work with?

  • More in-depth discussions:

This means we will be vetting each enquiry a lot more in terms of making sure we are on the same page with styles, direction, and aesthetics. We want to make sure that before we start working on your project that we have a clear target in mind. Sometimes we are not the best suited to carry out the task at hand, and that is fine.

  • Discarding enquiry forms that are not deemed serious:

If your enquiry form has an unrealistic budget or does not include enough information about your idea, then we will be forced to ignore the approach.

  • Prioritising larger projects:

So, at the moment we receive a lot of enquiries for smaller orders. We will be prioritising working with full branding projects instead, to lower the number of separate orders we have pending at one time. This does not mean you have to get everything made at once, but at the same time, it is unlikely we will be accepting new clients who just need a single item made. We understand this is not ideal for everyone, but it is not a super strict rule. We can still work with previous customers who needs to add in some more badges or emotes, for example.


Improved Communication

Since we will be working with fewer clients overall, we should be able to speed up our email response time and send out quotes to enquiries a lot faster. We realise how important this is to you guys and how much it affects your experience.

Faster Completion Rates

We want to be more reliable with finishing projects within a reasonable time frame. This has been an issue somewhat recently, and we want to fix that. Of course, there are factors outside of our control, which can affect this, such as revision requests, slow response times, and changes of direction, but our aim here is to get projects wrapped up faster (without rushing, of course).

Updated Portfolio With Case Studies

Something our website has been missing for a while is a dedicated case study section where we explain the thought process behind our designs and showcase them in a way that shows off what professional branding can do. We want to show you guys behind the scenes of a typical project, so you know what to expect.

Branding Identity & Strategy

With full revamps, it is usually necessary to include a branding strategy service since we are building the brand from scratch. At the moment, we do not list this as a formal service on our enquiry form. Sometimes this leads down the wrong path because we don’t fully understand what the client wants their brand to be, or represent. We want to include this as a mandatory service for complete stream revamps. We’ll address demographics, personality, stream content, streaming goals, visual preferences, and more about your audience. Things like a detailed style guide will be included. Your brand is more than a logo, and we want to make sure your online presence is cohesive and identifiable. This will help us deliver a more premium service.

More Services

Some things we want to add as official services that we think you guys might enjoy are the following:

YouTube Intros/Outros

Brand Announcement Videos (A way to showcase your new branding in one super cool video on social media)

Merchandise Kit (Variations of your branding that will work well for things print. Think things like business cards, t-shirt designs, etc.)


These updates will be rolled out over the next month or so. Existing orders will not be affected by anything and will continue as normal. We want to thank you guys, for being fantastic clients and allowing us to do what we love.