First, fill out our short enquiry form and let us know all of the items you need. You can also let us know any ideas that you have for the stream design. This is where we will find out if you need emotes or not, animations or not etc. There is no obligation to purchase anything by filling out this form.

2. Receive Quote

After we have read through your enquiry form, we will send you an email with a price  based on your requirements. Keep an eye on your junk or spam inbox as well.  If you did not put enough detail in your form or have entered an unrealistic budget you may not receive a quote. 

3. Bill for first half is sent

Once you have agreed to the price for the streaming graphics, we will send you the bill for the first half. The final half is due upon completion before we send you the final files. This is sent on PayPal but can also be paid using a debit or credit card. We accept all currencies. This payment is non refundable.

4. Team meeting regarding design

Next, we will discuss the project details with the team based on the information you will have supplied in the enquiry form. This is where we will do brainstorming, create mood boards and work on rough concepts before working on the first draft  which will be sent within 10 days from the point of receiving payment.

5. FIRST Draft is sent

You will receive a first draft of your design. This may be a sketch or digital proposal depending on what items you have ordered. We will use this to gauge if we are on the right path or not. After approval of the draft, we can continue with the rest along the same lines. 

6. Revisions can be made

If you are not too keen on the initial draft or would like some small changes made then no problem. This is the stage that we can tweak things. Typically revisions are only allowed if they are in relation to the original idea. For example, if you requested a lion logo initially, we can’t then switch to a tiger logo. 

7. Final versions are shown

After the draft or revisions, we will show you a progression of the design or the final version. You can also request small changes to the design here. These updates will typically be in full colour with more detail. This will be your chance to approve the designs before having them sent over to you.

8. Bill For Final Half is sent

After approval of the final design, we will send over the bill for the second half of the payment. This is also made on PayPal. Only once this is complete will we be able to send you the final files in a high resolution. All currencies are accepted and this payment is non refundable. 

9. Final Files are sent

This is where we will resize and export all of your stream graphics. You will receive a link or folder with all of the items included. We want to make sure all of the items and overlays are optimised for the platform you stream on. You can also request the source files if you would like them. 

10. Upload your files

Once you have downloaded all of the files we have sent you, feel free to upload them to your channel, use them for merchandise and update your social media branding. If you have any problems with this, just contact us and we can help you out the best we can!