Complete twitch layout for Synnpai using a subtle snake theme

Twitch Layout Design

Twitch Graphics for a client using a snake theme. We created this twitch layout with a general dark theme. We used a snakeskin design to create a subtle background on the overlays and screens. The logo was created to resemble a minimal S shape which is the initial of the clients username but also reflects the shape of a snake. Gold and black as the colouring created a sleek and professional vibe. You can order your own custom streaming overlays and twitch layouts by filling out an order form here.

We created matching panels, offline screens, overlays and headers in this package. Having completely cohesive and uniform graphics across your entire channel is super important to create a professional environment. You can take things an extra step by getting animations made. We made some animations for this streamer as well that you can check out in the portfolio section of our website.

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