Woman looks at screen as sub alert on twitch appears

Important Points About Sub Badges


In order to encourage viewers to keep subscribing it is a good idea to give each sub badge a feeling of progression.


Since sub badges for Twitch are scaled down to such a small size in your chat, the detail and complexity of each badge needs to be simplified. Much more simple than a logo for example. Sub badges get scaled down to 18 pixels, 36 pixels and 72 pixels. That is SUPER small so keeping the badge clean will be a better idea.


Instead of the progression sub badges where each badge is a different drawing, another idea would be to keep the same badge but change the colour of each. Popular ideas would be using bronze, silver, gold and diamond however any colour variation will work as long as each badge is not similar in shade. That way it makes sure there is an obvious difference between each.


It is a good idea to make your sub badges match your overall vibe and theme of the channel. Having a unified channel and brand is something we can’t emphasise the importance of enough.


Twitch sub badges have to fit into a square shape as per Twitch’s requirements. This means any ideas that are too long, wide or tall will not work for a sub badge. Circular or square shapes are recommended.

Keeping those points in mind, have fun thinking of an idea for your channels sub badges. They are an important way of rewarding subscribers and encouraging new ones. To order some custom sub badges for your channel, head over to our order form page and let us know what you have in mind!