best streaming gear for streamers

Gear To Improve Your Stream

Gaming is a serious business. It has become a worldwide phenomenon encapsulating the imaginations and emphasising the impossible for approximately 2.2 billion people worldwide. To put that number into perspective, there are only about 7.6 billion people on the planet, so gamers, with varying levels of experience and enthusiasm make up a significant portion of our world population. If you are an avid gamer looking to take your streaming experience and enjoyment of gaming to the ultimate level, you will need a little help, so here are our top 5 pieces of gear every gamer needs to improve their stream.

Streaming PC

Investing in your gaming experience starts at the base of gaming itself. Games are impossible without an available avenue to game from and for the serious gamer, that means a gaming PC. Gaming PCs are not your typical computer, but one that emphasizes the need for an intense graphics card and high end processor. If you think you will get by with your typical PC, you will find that the low quality features of that device will slow your game play and makes it impossible to fully enjoy the intricate nature of environments and the overall experience. Although there are many brands and options to choose from, essentially your streaming PC should include an AMD Ryzen 5 1500 or better and a Core i5 or better processor with a streaming output of 720p.


Playing online with other gamers is exciting, but without a means of proper communication, it is impossible to have a quality game. A high quality microphone allows you to feel like you are right in the game and communicate with other players. Invest in a quality microphone that maintains high Hz. Generally, you want a microphone with between 20Hz and 20kHz that has a USB connection. Additionally, invest in a microphone that does not take up too much space. Among the top styles is the Blue Yeti, Razer Seiren X, and the Blue Snowball.


The true gamer understands the importance of a stream deck. This small, external keyboard can be programmed with your individual games in mind, so you can run your games without ever having to change applications. It is far easier to simply use a touch screen rather than contending with continually clicking a mouse. Elgato is among the most popular stream decks on the market and they have many options to choose from including mini versions and more intuitive large scale stream decks such as the Max Falcon – 20 RGB Custom Programmable Mini Macropad.


What makes streaming so special is not the fact that you are merely playing a game, but playing with friends in a live environment. The ability to see and be seen is essential for the full scale experience. Additionally, a webcam can be utilized to improve the streaming experience and learn from others through a split screen format. Gaming webcams are not average webcams purchased at everyday stores, but made to provide additional light performance and far better picture quality. The Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam and the Pro Stream 1080p HD Webcam are just two examples of the high end webcams every gamer needs.

Green Screen

Green screens have been used by professionals for many, many years in the television industry. They provide the ability to see an environment around an actor or in the case of a streamer, the streamer themselves. Although the green screen is designed for a more immersive experience overall, it also maintains some practical uses as well. Instead of focusing on the gamer’s background in their home, such as a mess surrounding their gaming station, the background can be altered with a green screen to depict virtually anything the gamer wants.

Green screens come in a range of varieties, but generally, Muslim green is the colour that plays best online. The legato Collapsible, Valera Explorer, and the Limo Studio 9 X 13 are regarded as the best green screens for gamers. When choosing a green screen, choose one that works best for your needs. If your gaming space is devoted to gaming specifically, a full green screen is ideal, but if you utilize a multi-use space for gaming, you will want to invest in a folding green screen.

Equipment for streaming is designed to fully immerse the streamer in the experience and give them the ability to connect and communicate with others. Having the right equipment and the right configuration enables your live streaming experience to become all it can be.