DataGames reached out to us a couple of years ago now, to revamp his entire twitch
graphcis and channel. He wanted to incorporate the colour scheme from 
the Mercedes Benz Formula 1 team along with his fondness of Star Trek.

The first step was to create a simple and clean icon that used the initials from his
username. We did this in an abstract way that also combined the famous Star
Trek badge.

Here is a breakdown of how the logo icon was created.

After this draft and concept the client asked to change the colours to his favourite Formula One team,  Mercedes. We made this edits as shown below as well as continuing to make the panels, starting screen, twitch alerts and header.

We also created some animations for the client including an animated stream intro.
We used Cuyabra for the font on this project as the digital vibe of
the lettering strongly relates to the “Data” part of the username.