Custom Made Stream Graphics vs Premade Stream Graphics

Custom vs Premade

We get a lot of people asking us why we do not create premade stream graphics. I will go over our reasons for that below. 

Custom made branding is a super valuable element to your channel and is becoming even more important with more streamers signing up to Twitch and Mixer every day. You need a way to stand apart from the crowd that is obvious to the viewer within a few minutes of them watching.

Your stream is primarily a visual platform and even though good sound quality is important, the first thing people will notice is how your channel looks. Even though premade graphics can look clean and professional at a cheaper price, they lack a few things. 

  • They are not guaranteed to be relevant to your personality.
  • They can be used by several other streamers so you do not look unique.
  • They are usually generic looking to appeal to everyone rather than you, specifically.

Custom made graphics and animations only have one downside to premade ones. The cost. However, even though they are typically more expensive, they come with a lot of benefits.

  • They create a visual atmosphere that viewers will remember and associate with you, therefore making your stream a more memorable place.
  • It gives you a better digital identity that you can use throughout your online presence.  
  • It makes it look like you are taking streaming more seriously
  • You can make merchandise to sell to viewers.
  • High quality custom alerts can encourage engagement.
  • Custom emotes and sub badges can encourage subscribers.
  • It creates a more personal vibe to your channel, which can give a more welcoming feel.
  • It gives viewers a better idea of your personality at first glance.

However, this is not a sales pitch on why you should get custom stuff made for your channel. Professional premade graphics are definitely better than badly done custom graphics for example. It is not 100% necessary to have a beautiful looking stream in order to be successful either. It does give you an advantage though!

If you think you are ready to upgrade your stream and get a fresh new look then simply fill out our order form and we will send you a free quote.