• An image to header a blog post about how many emotes you can upload to your twitch channel
    Twitch have a history of moving the goalposts when it comes to how many emotes streamers can upload. At the moment affiliates have more emote slots than ever before.  The rules and allowances are a little confusing though so let’s try and break it down as quickly and as simple as possible. Affiliates can have a maximum of 7 emotes. Out of the 7 slots, 3 are automatically granted for affiliate status. An emote for
  • 5 Mistakes That New Streamers Make
    It is super difficult to grow your stream, so avoiding the clear mistakes we are about to list below will increase your chances of making it as a full time streamer! SENDING AUTOMATED DIRECT MESSAGES Sending people automatic direct messages on twitter and instagram saying “follow my stream and come say hello” is an absolute mistake. This creates a super unprofessional first impression to people and let’s face it, no one clicks the link. More
  • Custom Made Stream Graphics vs Premade Stream Graphics
    We get a lot of people asking us why we do not create premade stream graphics. I will go over our reasons for that below.  Custom made branding is a super valuable element to your channel and is becoming even more important with more streamers signing up to Twitch and Mixer every day. You need a way to stand apart from the crowd that is obvious to the viewer within a few minutes of them
  • Woman looks at screen as sub alert on twitch appears
    Progression In order to encourage viewers to keep subscribing it is a good idea to give each sub badge a feeling of progression. Simplicity: Since sub badges for Twitch are scaled down to such a small size in your chat, the detail and complexity of each badge needs to be simplified. Much more simple than a logo for example. Sub badges get scaled down to 18 pixels, 36 pixels and 72 pixels. That is SUPER
  • Man sits at desk looking at dual stream screens
    Use a subscribe panel. Yes, viewers can see the button above your stream window but having a subscribe panel below is an extra reminder that they can subscribe and it is also a great place to list what benefits they get from subbing. You can write a list of the perks you offer along with a preview of the emotes or sub badges. Keep the overlay small. Stream overlays are important but not as important