5 Mistakes That New Streamers Make

5 Mistakes That New Streamers Make


It is super difficult to grow your stream, so avoiding the clear mistakes we are about to list below will increase your chances of making it as a full time streamer!




Sending people automatic direct messages on twitter and instagram saying “follow my stream and come say hello” is an absolute mistake. This creates a super unprofessional first impression to people and let’s face it, no one clicks the link. More people will just block you. Using a hard sales technique like this will also make you look desperate. 



When you first start out, you might only have a couple of people who are active in your chat. It is very important to be interactive with them. When new viewers enter the stream, if they see you speaking to the chat and engaging with them, they will feel like the environment is more welcoming and are more likely to type in the chat themselves.



Many of your viewers will be active on social media. It is important to be active on there too. It is a great way to engage with your audience outside of your stream. Don’t make your twitter feed purely “going live” tweets either. This looks robotic and gives the impression you are not here to be social but only to drive traffic to your stream. Pro tip: StreamCrux is a great place to post your clips and reach both new viewers and an engaged streamer community.



Twitch is a very social platform. This means you should not only focus on your output but also your input. Do you support other channels? Are you active in other peoples chats? Are you making friends with other streamers? It is important not to try and leech of bigger streamers though. Not being selfish is the key here. Don’t self promote. 



You don’t need a super high quality stream design in order to succeed but it does help! Using a facecam with a clean webcam overlay is a great way to enhance the quality of the stream and also appear more personable by showing your face. Using a webcam is not essential though and many streamers are successful without it! Make sure your panels are working and that you have links to your social accounts. Try not to use an overlay that covers up half of the screen and looks clunky. Write a short “about me” section to give people an idea of who you are. Upload sub badges and emotes to your channel. Make sure your alerts are working as you don’t want to miss out on engaging with your viewers by missing a new follower.