Man sits at desk looking at dual stream screens

4 Stream Layout Tips

Use a subscribe panel.

Yes, viewers can see the button above your stream window but having a subscribe panel below is an extra reminder that they can subscribe and it is also a great place to list what benefits they get from subbing. You can write a list of the perks you offer along with a preview of the emotes or sub badges.

Keep the overlay small.

Stream overlays are important but not as important as you or the stream itself. We typically design cleaner, more minimal overlays but we understand that sometimes you have a lot of information you want to display on the screen. The key to this is knowing where the empty spaces are on the game you play. The game HUD is usually important to the viewer so try not to cover that. If you order a design from us, we can create the overlay in a specific shape and size so it does not get in the way.

Use animated transitions.

If you are a streamer who switches in between various scenes a lot, then you should use an animated transition to make it appear smoother. Without a transition, the change of scene looks clunky and not professional. If you don’t know, a transition will cover the screen for a short period of time and the change of scene happens simultaneously, hidden away from the viewer. If our explanation sucks, check out our transition portfolio to get a better idea of what we mean!

Use a “be right back” scene.

The main reason why having a “be right back” scene is important is because people’s attention spans are short. If someone new comes into your stream and they see an empty chair, no person and the main menu of the game showing, it is highly likely they will click off. Having a “be right back” scene showing might make them stick around for a bit longer and if the scene has a professional look, with matching branding, then their first impression of the stream will be a positive one.